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Are Lash Extensions worth the hype?!

Hola Bellezas!

I'm back to blogging about my mini trips and of course beauty tips! I recently tried lash extensions for my trip to El Salvador, because I had never tried them before and it's so humid out there I wouldn't be able to keep make-up on my face. Let me just say, this was the best decision I made for my trip! I loved the extensions and the feeling of being glammed up effortlessly.

First you need to find a lash tech you love and feel comfortable with. This can be done through someone recommending them to you or you have done great research and your vision aligns with what the lash tech's work. In my experience I went with @blinksbyiana - she's my friends sister and I was eager to support her new business. I had checked out her work and I loved that she did a combination of full and natural lashes. Initially I wanted to go with something "subtle" but then we figured "be bold sis" and I do not mind bold lashes at all.

I loved that my lash tech also provided me with a lash care kit ($25) that was totally worth it for me because I had no idea how to take care of my lashes.

My lashes lasted 3.5 weeks and I would wash them twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. My lash tech taught me how to clean them and she emphasized clean lashes last longer. Let me tell you, in El Salvador I was in a pool for hours and we also went body surfing in the ocean and my lashes were not going anywhere.

Would I keep getting my lashes done?

For my lifestyle I feel that I prefer getting them done on special occasions or for trips.

Did they feel uncomfortable?

I'm use to wearing lashes and sometimes I forgot I had extensions and I would rub my eyes. That felt different lol but on a daily basis they felt fine.

If you get lash extensions let me know how it felt for you!


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Arisbeth Cordova
Arisbeth Cordova
Nov 09, 2021

My favorite eyelashes 😘

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