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First off, I would like to thank you for being on my page and checking out MARLU Lashes. This idea came to me in 2012 after I had just competed in my last beauty pageant. Being surrounded by so many beautiful, smart, talented, women I was so inspired to do something of my own. I had many attempts to start my own business previously, however I never followed through. 

I believe the main reason is timing and passion. When those two meet, literally magic can happen. That's how I feel about my brand. I became so obsessed with it and I would eat, sleep, and breath my crazy lash idea. After two years of trial and error, I decided to take my leap of faith and launch MARLU Lashes May of 2015. 

My mission with my brand is to inspire other people to be FIERCE, FEARLESS and feel GLAMOROUS every day. My brand is a "one size fits all" type of brand. I am a lover of people and an activist for basic human rights. 

MARLU Lashes is a product of who I am and where my family comes from. When designing the concept of MARLU Lashes the only people I could think of were my family members. Their hard work was my motivation to conquer my fear of putting my brand out into the world. Even though my brand is small, the vision I have for it is mighty. 

With that being said, my message to you reading this; if you have a dream believe in it and manifest into reality. 

With love, 

Marlu Silva 

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