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How to travel with your pet!

Traveling with your fur-baby is so much fun and should be easy if your baby allows you to.

I had planned for my kitten to go on a family staycation because my dog sitter is terrified of cats! I made sure my kitten would be okay on car rides by taking her out more often than before. She's gone on two mini hikes with me and the girls (my doggies) and she seemed to like it. I feel that by following these few steps you'll be good to travel with the babies!

#1 Make sure car rides are okay with your fur-baby

If you've never travelled with your baby you need to make sure they are comfortable. Pets get car sick and they can throw-up instantly. They can also be terrified and uneasy because of the fast movements. My trip was from the Bay Area to North Lake Tahoe. Depending on traffic that could be a 3hr+ drive. Always make sure your fur-baby is comfortable with longer car rides before taking them on a longer trip.

#2 Pack the essentials

Depending on your destination make sure you pack accordingly. I went to Truckee, CA and it's snowing in the mountains. My kitten has never seen snow and I wanted to make sure she was as warm as possible. I bought her a soft turtleneck sweater and packed extra blankets for her. At home she roams around and sleeps anywhere however, I knew I wanted to travel with her eventually so I trained her to sleep in her travel bag. Of course I packed enough food for three days and I also packed her leash in case we brought her out of the bag.

#3 Carry-on bag/backpack

All my fur-babies have bags and these are great for Dr. visits + emergency travel. I've used these when there was a fire alarm at my old apartment complex and it helps keep them calm. I use this bag on this trip and my

kitten was very comfortable and cozy the whole trip. *Make sure your fur-baby is comfortable and isn't hesitant about going in the bag. Please do not force them*

#4 Let them explore!

I always let the fur-babies sit in the seat and enjoy the car ride. My kitten on the other hand gets too excited and wants to sit on my shoulders and it becomes too distracting while driving. After a while we put her back in her travel bag and she slept the whole way!

Here she is enjoying the beautiful Tahoe scenery from the comfort of her own bag with blankets.

Hopefully you enjoyed these tips! Let me know if you have any questions and if you travel with your fur-babies share the stories with me!

Con Amor,



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