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The trip that started Marlu's Mini Trips

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Well, hello and welcome to my first blog post of 2020. I'm just going to start off by talking about the BIG elephant in the room (my feelings). I am terrible at talking about how I'm really feeling and it's because I'm a Sagittarius, it's in my nature. However, this year has been truly catastrophic for me. The worst thing that could have happened, happened and now I am trying to find ways to cope and really feel, well my true feelings.

So...where am I going with all of this? Ah, yes, what inspired Marlu's Mini Trips? Let's just say I am the spontaneous wanderer of my family and I am ALWAYS dragging them out to do fun stuff. My dad in particular hated when I would take him on mini trips but later truly enjoyed what we did. Him and I would always talk about blogging/vlogging and we would share our favorite vloggers on YouTube. He LIVED on YouTube and was especially fond of Salvadoran vloggers who would aid people living in rural areas without basic resources. Because of him I was very inspired to start my YouTube channel and I did. That only lasted a hot second. Let me be honest - editing is hard and it's not for the weak. I always say I am way too ambitious for my editing skills.

The last mini trip we took with my dad was to Pacifica, CA. He was really feeling under the weather that day and I remember it was 3pm in the afternoon and I said f@*! it we're leaving! Whenever he wasn't feeling himself we would always go to the beach to be at peace and regain energy and that is exactly what we did.

Two days after that mini trip I lost my dad. In the middle of the pandemic and uncertainty I lost the most important person in my life. Despite of being confused, hurt and depressed I knew he would want us, his family to still find joy in life. We are doing the best we can to rediscover who we are without him and trying to find meaning in life without him. So we venture out and seek for clues in hopes of feeling closer to him. It's worked and it's kickstarted the healing process. Our long drives allow us to wander off mentally and reconnect with our environment and find the beauty mother earth has to offer. We talk to him everywhere we go, we tell him about our trips and somehow that's brought us closer.

I decided to share this because it's important for you to know that life is hard but life is what we make out of it. Everyone is going through something. Whether it's fighting your own fights or being an ally in someone else's fight, we are all fighting something on a daily. Be kind to yourself and take it easy. I chose to learn and feel out this experience. God and the universe have a plan for me and going through this is a part of the plan. My ancestors are guiding me through this path and they have challenged me to become better and stronger. Challenge accepted.

Through these fun blog posts I hope to somehow inspire you and move you in such a way you start your own trips and journeys. I want to start stimulating conversations and overall support my intersectional Latinx community as much as I can.

Not to mention we will be getting pretty deep in this blog. We are here to dismantle the patriarchy and fight injustices like HELL! Because #BLACKLIVESMATTER and words could never express how EXHAUSTED we are of the injustices happening on a daily. We need to take action and there is no stopping until justice is served.

On that note, welcome to Marlu's Mini Trips!

My next post will be about a beautiful garden I visited. Stay tuned!

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